If you are approaching retirement - you have every right to be excited. After a lifetime of work and dedication, it is time for you to relax and enjoy yourself fully. Deciding where to live is the first decision you have to make - and it’s definitely a big one - but with the help of the right real estate agent, you can’t really go wrong.

Each year many seniors flock down to Arizona to escape the cold winters of the North. These “snowbirds” return to their homes once the warm weather sets in, but why not make Arizona your permanent home? Specifically, Mesa, AZ is a place you should definitely be checking out.

Here are just a few reasons why Mesa is the perfect place for your retirement:

1. Mesa is tax-friendly for seniors

For retirees, navigating the tax situation in your future home state ahead of time is key. Understanding your tax obligations will help paint a clearer picture of what you can and cannot afford when it comes to buying and living in a home.

The property tax environment in favorable for seniors. Property taxes are pretty low in Mesa, especially when compared to other metropolitan areas: it’s currently .87% to 1.5% of a home’s market value, while the national average for property tax is 1.9%. The state of Arizona also has tax protections on the books for seniors who own a home. For homeowners 65 years of age or older, the state’s Seniors Valuation Protection Law limits the amount of property tax that can be collected on a home to 1% of the property’s cash value.

Social security is not taxable in Arizona, so you can plan on keeping the entirety of that benefit once you start receiving it. Additionally, groceries are tax-exempt from the Arizona sales tax. This can produce major savings for seniors - who allocate a significant portion of their budget to groceries. 

2. Mesa offers community-based services for seniors

If you’re looking to make new friends or have a vibrant social life, Mesa has some community centers that provide an opportunity for relationships with other seniors, while also offering services to help make your life more easy in general

The Mira Mesa Senior Center, for example, offers the following services:

  • Health and wellness initiatives, such as a daily nutritious lunch and Medicare counseling
  • A course on using technology
  • Education and advocacy efforts like consumer health legal advice and elder law programs
  • Recreational activities like square dancing, tai chi, gardening, bingo, and many other classes

3. Mesa is home to many different senior living options

Although buying a home in Mesa is affordable, it’s important to remember that your next home should be one that you plan to stay in for as many years as possible. Your health and personal needs may change, and those changes may affect how appropriate a home is for you.

For seniors who want to maintain their independence and don’t need assistance with daily activities, an active adult living community could be a great option. These real estate communities are “age-restricted” or “age-qualified” so that everyone who lives there is at least 55 years old. As a bonus, 55-plus communities typically offer amenities like fitness centers, activities, and other social benefits. Just make sure you ask your real estate agent about a  homeowners association (HOA) fee in a given community.

For retirees who feel their health and mobility needs may change to the point where they require assistance, Mesa also has other senior living options. There are many different assisted living facilities in Mesa. These facilities have an average monthly cost of $3,250. Assisted living facilities are ideal for seniors who currently need or anticipate needing assistance with activities of daily living, such as medication management, bathing or general housekeeping.

When it comes to planning where you want to live in retirement, it’s important to have a real-estate agent. Realtors have advanced training and certifications, and our goal is to get you in your desired home as quickly and as smoothly as possible.